Time to Band Trees

It is time to band our trees. By applying a glue barrier to the tree trunk, the wingless cankerworm moths are trapped as they climb the tree. For best results, trees need to banded over the next 2 weeks. As cankerworms can move from tree to tree, we strongly encourage you to ask your adjacent neighbors to join you in banding our trees.

Steps to band trees:

    1. Install a two inch strip of cotton or fiberglass insulation around tree- 3 ft from ground and lowest limb.
    2. Position a band of roofing felt over strip and attach with glue gun. Use electrical tape for smaller trees.
    3. Using disposable gloves and putty knife, apply film of Tanglefoot on band, approx. 1/8 in.

Don’t want to do this yourself? Contact Silver Duck Tree Banding Services at 704-779-6476