Rezoning Petition 2019-20    (corner of Park and Fairview)

A developer has filed a petition to rezone a 4.5 acre site at the NE corner of Fairview and Park Rd from R-3 and R-22 rezoning to UR-3 CD to allow the construction of up to 115 condominiums and age-restricted apartment units. The community meeting has been deferred while the petitioner works through a number of issues relating to deed restrictions, density, required traffic improvements and opposition from some residents. Residents have expressed concerns that the project would increase cut through traffic on residential streets and set a precedence in terms of height and zoning. There also are concerns that the proposed development violates deed restrictions that prohibit multi-family and commercial development.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about this rezoning, please contact Jason Rericha, Chairperson of BDHOA rezoning committee (
  • BDHOA will be working with the surrounding neighborhoods and the South Park Association of Neighborhoods on issues such as green space, cut through traffic and intersection improvements.