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Stay informed about pending rezoning petitions, redevelopment activity and new construction.


Below is a summary of current projects that BDHOA Rezoning Committee is working on. If you would like to participate on the Rezoning Committee or have questions about on-going discussions, please contact the HOA at

Map of recent and pending projects

Rezoning of property at Runnymede and Selwyn (2017-36)   Pending

Capital Land Partners to rezone 2.962 acre site located on the north side of Runnymede Lane between Selwyn Avenue and Fairfax Drive from the R-3 zoning district to the UR-2 (CD) zoning district. The purpose of this rezoning request is to accommodate the development of a residential community on the site that could contain up to 29 for sale single family attached (townhome) dwelling units.

BDHOA has asked CDOT to review Runnymede from Selwyn to Colony to identify ways to improve traffic flow, enhance appearance and protect students as part of the proposed rezoning.

Thursday, Feb. 9th at 6:30 at Mouzon United Church- meeting to review a petition

Rezoning of 5625 Fairview Rd  (2017-026). Pending

Proposed rezoning of historic white house on Fairview – east of Park Rd adjacent to Picardy neighborhood. The Belk-Grambrell family plans to use house for foundation office. Rezoning will reduce current allowed density.

Community meeting this Thursday January 12th, 7PM at the Courtyard Marriott (6023 Park South Drive).

Rezoning of 2245 Rexford Rd. (2017-015)  Pending

The petitioner is requesting a rezoning from o-15 to MUDD-CD to build a small office building on a .8 acre site that currently has a vacant bank branch building. Based on feedback from residents attending the community meeting, we asked the petitioner to contribute funds to improve median in front of building on Rexford and sign a letter of agreement with Trianon HOA regarding construction related practices and agreement to maintain a wall that is located between the properties.

Site plan    


Culp Law Building (ZOM apartments)

The project was approved by city council in November 2016. As part of the rezoning agreement, the developer agreed to fund $225,000 towards sidewalk improvements on Barclay Downs Drive. The developer also agreed to make several improvements to corner plaza areas and pay for several traffic related improvements. The developer also agreed to reduce number of units in project and to commit to a lower percentage of EIFS material used in the building exterior. The developer also agreed to a lower building height.

October 17th – Public Hearing held on project. BDHOA and Piccardy representatives spoke in favor of the project. Simon Properties (the Mall) spoke against. For explanation for why BDHOA Board voted to support project, click on links “Board Support” and Committee recommendations below. A final vote will in December.

Board Letter of Support

Committee recommendation

Simon’s Letter of opposition

Response to Community Questions

ZOM rezoning traffic study

Simon SouthPark Letter 8-26-16

Expansion of Marriott Hotel at South Park

Project approved July 18th, 2016. At the HOA’s request,  the developer made several substantive changes to the original site plan. The new plan includes greater tree save and a plaza area at the corner of Roxborough and Rexford that will enhance the residential character along Roxborough. Developer also agreed to fund $5,000 towards landscaping at Trianon. Roxborough is becoming an increasingly important pedestrian connector linking South Park Mall and Specialty Shops to residents living at the Morrison, Deering Oaks, Trianon, Colony and Barclay Downs.  Marriott rezoning site plan notesSouthPark Marriott – Rezoning Petition #2016-066 site plan

Sharon United Methodist ChurchMarch 2016 – Project was approvedThe proposed rezoning is scheduled for a City Council vote on March 21. If approved it would include a 175-room hotel, new church facility that includes a community center, 490 apartments of which 5% will be for workforce housing and 170,000 sq. ft. of office,restaurant or retail stores. (2015-058)  BDHOA Letter of Support for SUMC RezoningFebruary 15th – City Council public hearing on the rezoning of the Church’s property for a mixed use development.March 2016 – Urban Land Institute Study

Study completed April 2016.


The Library is now closed until summer 2017.

The Library will close in July 2016 to begin a year long renovation project. When completed the library will include an outdoor cafe, new computer and study labs and more reading rooms. McMillan Pazdan Smith and Margaret Sullivan Studio’s conducted a focus group in January for Library patrons to solicit ideas for new uses in the renovated space. The Architect for the project is Holzheimer Bolek + Meehan. If you have ideas for the Library’s renovation or questions, contact the Library Director Susan Green at

Powerpoint presentation of Community input

Synco- 2015-035  Colony Apartments Rezoning and Development (Oct. 2014 – Jan. 2016 )

For current information on project construction timetable, tenants or other questions, please check out the developer’s website at 

Due to a lawsuit filed by one homeowner on Lemon Tree Lane, the project timeline has been delayed. Demolition of existing apartments and Colony Rd landscape improvements to start in mid-2018.

January 16th- City Council Project approves rezoning unanimously. Due to strong support from the four neighborhoods that abut this project (BD, Deering Oaks, Trianon and Morrison Condos) and our Council representative Kenny Smith, the project was approved despite strong opposition from adjacent land owner’s Dee Dee and Cameron Harris.

While it is true that this project will increase peak hour traffic by 1,500 cars per day, the project should help to increase our property values. In addition to walkable retail and dining destinations, larger running and walking paths, new road connections and work force housing set aside, the developer has agreed to fund and maintain significant improvements on Colony Road between Runnymede and Wickersham.


September 2015 – BDHOA, Deering Oaks and Trianon Condo Association have been meeting with Synco for several months to resolve remaining issues and concerns regarding the rezoning of this 27 acre site. While current plans still call for the development of a new grocery store, hotel, office building, apartments and several restaurants and destination retail uses, the Developer has agreed to several changes in terms of height and location of uses that will make the project a “better fit” for our neighborhood.  With the help of our City Council Representative Kenny Smith, the Rezoning Committee also has secured a commitment from the Developer to fund and maintain  several exciting landscaping and pedestrian safety improvements along Colony Road between Runnymede Ln. and Wickersham Rd. that will greatly enhance the overall appearance of this neighborhood residential corridor.  Colony Road Enhancement Proposal

If the rezoning is approved, the Developer has agreed to:

  • Develop pedestrian refuge pads at the ends of the medians (between Runnymede and Wickersham Rd.). These pads will provide a safer place for pedestrians crossing the street who currently have to wait in the turn lanes for traffic to clear.
  • Cover the rusted exposed drainpipes in the two culverts with a decorative rock facade.
  • Add a variety of trees, decorative grasses, flowers and boulders in the two culverts that will improve the appearance of these ditches, create a more attractive gateway into our neighborhoods and mitigate some of the noise from vehicular traffic for adjacent residents.
  • Add new landscaping to existing medians near Runnymede and Cloverfield Rd.
  • Agree to maintain these improvements at no cost to the HOA. Improve storm water drainage in the two open ditches through the addition of gravel, stone and rocks.
  • Develop a new small median near the Cloverfield/Wheelock intersections.

The Committee is still working with Councilman Smith to encourage the Developer to reduce the height of the proposed office building as well as make several other revisions that we believe will result in a project that will be an asset to our neighborhood and strengthen home sales.

Copy of Traffic Study Presentation April 14th

Woodfield Rezoning and Development (2012)