Become a Member

HOA dues are paid in February of each year. New residents may join at any time.  Annual membership dues are $25.

Membership dues are used to fund a range of activities including:

  • A communication system that includes a website, Facebook page, and email updates that create a strong sense of community
  • Pet alerts that help to reunite missing pets with their owners
  • An active Neighborhood Crime Watch program that provides residents with crime statistics and works with CMPD to ensure our neighborhood remains safe
  • Projects that support our neighborhood elementary, middle and high schools
  • Legal and professional services to protect residents’ rights and property values
  • Landscaping and traffic enhancement projects that are used to beautify the area and create a safer environment for pedestrians.
  • An annual picnic and party

Only paid members receive HOA newsletters and updates on activities occurring in the area. These informational updates include information on on-going rezoning petitions, street and traffic related projects and upcoming neighborhood events. The HOA will continue to send crime watch information to all residents in the neighborhood.

If you are not sure if you are a paid member, please contact our Treasurer at

Renewing Members

Please verify all of your contact information in the Directory and send any changes to

Pay With Check

$25 payment payable to BDHOA. You can send your check to the following address or pay at the annual HOA meeting in February.

An increase in dues has been approved by Board and will be voted on by membership at annual meeting. Should this increase not be approved, you will be notified. 

Mail to:
BDHOA Treasurer
3716 Merrifield Rd.
Charlotte, NC   28211

Pay With Paypal

Use link provided below. Payment is $25 plus a $1.00 service charge for PayPal transactions to cover our fees.

New to the Neighborhood

Please complete the form below for listing in the Barclay Downs HOA Directory and to be added to our electronic mailing list.  You have the option to either pay online via Paypal or you can mail in payment.  If you choose Paypal, you will then be taken to the payment page on Paypal. Once your payment is verified you will be given access to our online Directory.